Just yesterday, 24th of April 2010, I was coming back after a very tensive time. I had just given a group viva and was walking back to the hostel on the pathway. It was a viva on a design assignment that I and my group members had got for the partial fulfillment of the the course called Microprocessor programming and interfacing. Though the assignment was quite a fun to do, the viva was equally not. It was about 6 o clock when the weather suddenly changed. Black clouds, cool wind, dusky weather, it was the kind of weather LOVED by me. For the last 2 months, I have been pining by the intense head and humidity without a respite. And here it was, what i wished for… As i enjoyed the weather, a small poem aroused in my mind… I further extended it later just to make it longer. So here it is,


Oh what a pleasent weather
Oh what a cool sway
Mesmerism at its crest
While i sleepwalk through my way
“Beware”, says the cloud,
“I am here for you to scare”
He roars a thunder loud
And says “Bad times are there”
I said “Halt, ohh mighty cloud
What wrong have i done”
He roars back aloud,
And says “The sin is your fun”
He says “Ohh my petty child
Your bygone past is such
Amusements should have been mild
But you have had too much”
“You havent fared at all,
for the last 2 years or so
You are about to fall
Cause your scores are very low”
“Its better if you know,
Now its time to moil.
Your burdens you have to tow
Harder each day to toil”
I said “oh my saviour cloud
I have the courage to cope”
Infront of him I bowed
And said…
“Just give me a ray of hope”


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