Samundar and F.R.I.E.N.D.S., not the T.V. series

Am back…

Many of you people out there reading this post might be aware of the fact that I used to write time-pass Hindi poems during my 11th and 12th class… if you don’t, I am telling it to you now. I used to use my mobile phone a lot in those time. And it was the only source of entertainment that I had. These poems were written on the phone’s new msg editor by me in the time when I felt bored after solving a hectic amount of questions or if I wanted to rest for sometime after meals. Now, I do feel that some of you might have an apprehension that like my earlier post, this one might also turn out to be very long and elaborate like a report. But before you come to any conclusion, hold on your sigh, cause I will try to keep it as short and simple as possible.

Now this मुशयारी is one of my favourites. I had written this towards the end of my 12th class and had shared it (or text msgd it) to all my friends. It goes like this —
Samundar kinaare baithe hain, kabhi toh leher aayagi. Apne saare puraane yaadon ko, pal mein baha le jaayegi.

Is Dil ka kya bharosa, pal bhar mein unhe bhula de, saare rishte naaton ko yeh, pal bhar mein hi jala de.

Sacchha rishta toh woh hai, judai ka gham jise tadpaati hai, doston yaaron ke ruh ke bina, viraaniyan jahaan cha jati hai.


See, it was short as promised, wasn’t it. But please, let me describe it a little bit.

Here Samundar refers to the ocean of work and challenges which lie ahead of me after I pass out of school and enter college, away from home and family. So I am sitting at the edge of an ocean ready to face it and have engraved the golden memories of my school life and friends on the loose beach sand as a souvenir. this is because, the heart is very forgetful. It forgets all others when it is really engaged into some thing. Thats the weakness of the a human heart. But, one day, when a high tide comes, or should I say, I get really busy with my work, I might forget the memories while fighting them. And those waves would wash the sands away.

But, even if the memories are carried away, the loss of my friends will be deeply felt when I couldn’t find any of my dear friends around after the hard time has passed away. At that time, there would be no one to cherish with, there will be no one to rejoice with. There will be no one with whom I can spend some fun times. It will be all calm and quiet, and I will be left completely unaccompanied by them, and segregated.

Just on a lighter note, there is nothing too serious about it. As in, I am not really getting isolated from my friends. I still keep in touch with them through mails and mobile. Just wanted write a senti poem with a grave meaning, just like we had in 10th class literature subject. So thats all I wanted to write.

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