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The Net Catastrophe

February 14, 2010

Yeah, thats what we get, don’t we???

Its again the net in our hostel that everybody is worried about. Its totally unpredictable. This maybe about the 10th time in 1.5 years that our hostel is devoid of net for a continuous stretch of time. And to make it worse, even the LAN is not working (that means no DC). Why is it in only our hostel that all problems occur? Is it cursed??? And this time, its unbearable. Living without DC in this campus is worse than living in a strictly secluded place. After all, its the lifeline of our campus. All those movies, those games installers, those chats in the main window. These are the essential elements for a lively stay in this campus. And now, we are devoid of it. Also, FYI, even the academic FTP was not working, but that doesn’t make any difference for me ;-).

Now the authorised people who are supposed to look after this matters, who are no good than VELLAS, either just come to have a peak into the server room, give a long description of the problem to convince us that it is an uphill task to repair it, promise us to fix it asap, and then never show their faces for the next couple of days. And we frequently open DC++ after coming from classes praying that a miracle may happen today, or ask other hostel mates about the status. But its only after a week or more that the technicians finally come with their magic tools, cut some wires here, fix some ports there, and within minutes, our laptops get the green signal. It doesn’t seem to be such a difficult task, does it???

That day, the news spreads like an electromagnetic wave. A new spirit ignites within everyone in the hostel. Everyone get their hands on the laptops to experience sheer pleasure again, and again we rise up, and again we spam, and again we download, and again we chat, and again we surf (and again the nerds scan the academics FTP site for whatever), and again we enjoy and again our lives become meaningful. But……………………………….       we still live under the fear of being disconnected again soon :-P.