Jan 3rd week, The placement week of seniors

As the name suggests, this week many seniors who were in exile for one whole semester in their Practice School 2, finally came back to campus for their final showdown, PLACEMENTS.

This is the word which is in everyones mind while in BITS or probably, any college in India. U see, Indian colleges are more of traditional ones, rather than being practical. What determines the preference of colleges in the list of students are the Placements (Take the preference order of IITs for instance). Anyways, don’t bother about it and cant change it either. So the placements season started of well with some really good companies coming and taking the cream students of our farewell batch.

So, this week huh…….. started of normally (Its always normal when u don’t have any test around).But, Tuesday was really a very very exhausting day.I had 4hrs of practicals consecutively in the afternoon that day. And yes, add to it another 3 hours of robotics workshop in the evening. And to make it worse, i had slept for only 5 hours the previous night. Man, even i don’t know how was I able to keep up to my senses that day. The next day was Saraswati Puja, the goddess of knowledge. _/\_. The students in BITS are quite religious ones. All the festivals, be it of any religion, are celebrated here with great pomp and show. Well, not that pompy though. But they do conduct the necessary rituals properly. And then we have a cultural show in the evening in the second largest auditorium in India (the audi in BITS Goa). But the lack of a temple is deeply felt, atleast by me. And add to it the lack of a swimming pool.

Coming back to some gup shups, this week, I had a sneak peek into the history of Punching Machines. Man, it was different. I came across a punching machine which was about 30 years old. One of my friends had the antique with him nicely sitting in a corner of a drawer without being noticed. I had actually come to ask him for one as I needed one and he gave it to me. It was all rusty and old. I was afraid to use it cause I didn’t want my friend to lose his punch machine. But he assured me that it wont break. Though it got stuck after punching the paper and wont spring back to normal, I was able to take the punched paper out after applying some power. Still, it left some of its rust smeared on the paper.

After the fun part, comes the serious part. Now some  people in this world still exist who don’t give any importance to some selected activities or hobbies which THEY consider to be insignificant. They rather criticize it and try to change the mindset of those who try to do it out. A similar incident occurred with me also. Now, I am into animation and the multimedia world. I try to learn the various softwares and techniques of it. But one of my friends doesn’t seem to like it and tells me that its nothing but waste of time. I get angry and a heated argument starts over it. His point is that it is worthless thing and there is no scope of innovation in it and it doesnt do any good to anyone. Bloody hell, what about the cartoons that u used to see in ur child hood days? What about the flashy advertisements that u enjoy? What about the special effects u enjoy in movies and the TV Series? What about, say “Avatar”? Didn’t u enjoy it? So think before u start pointing towards any job in the world. Even if the smallest and the unnoticed ones have their own value to this world. Never ever try to underestimate any of them. Or if they stop, the whole process of symbiosis will be disrupted.

So on that note, I take ur leave. Will listen to some classic songs now. Have a great week.


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