Jan 2nd Week, the tiring one

Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……………………Feeling very tired this Saturday. Was very tired on Friday night and had to get up early. Anyways, how are u???

So the second week huh… Was pretty normal. Had class as usual, had food regularly, relaxed, slept and got up the other day. And the cycle continued. So nothing unusual or dramatic. There were certain deviations though.

I had a bad stomach this week and suffered a lot for it. Had to miss a very important class because of the pain. Restricted myself from spicy food for a day or two. But again, back to those ‘chatpata’ and ‘masaaledar’ tasties the very next day. How can u keep me away from tasty food??? For those of you who don’t know, I am a really big foodie. I can’t resist myself from having them.Can’t do anything about it.

I and three of my friends had a robotics workshop named Robo CV this week which was on making motor controlled bots (both wired and wireless) that would process any image and move according to them. Sounds pretty interesting na??? It is interesting but do u know how exhausting it gets when one sits continuously for 5 hours listening to the theory part of it. The same happened in the workshop. We had to sit continuously for about 5 hours for 4 days listening to the boring lecturer. We had no other option as the days of workshops were limited and had to be wind up fast so that we can start working on our bots. The last day was a bit interesting though as we got to run our bot on digital signal outputs (i.e. by giving specific instructions from a computer) for the first time. “My First Bot”, it was a cherishing moment and the feeling was overwhelming. It was such that we have got a pet. That day was Friday when we came back late from the exhausting workshop. And on Saturday, I had a very important class to attend in the morning at 8 o’ clock. K

So, now you know why am I really tired today. Now let me go to sleep. See you next week. Byeeee…….


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