Jan 1st Week, My first week in BITS

So here it is, my first week in both my new semester and my newly created blog 😉

This week actually saw a drastic change in the environment and mood of mine. Last weekend only, I was enjoying in Hyderabad with my uncle, aunt and my sisters. And then, suddenly on Monday I realized “Hi Abhijit, U are an engineering student ,remember, in BITS Pilani Goa.” And then another voice said to me “yo yo chow, ur holiday stuff is gonna end this Monday, Man”. This thought was completely concealed by the fun I was having with family. Seriously, I almost forgot that I was a student. So with a heavy heart, I packed my bags and left for the campus, bidding goodbye to my beloved ones and thinking about the next vacations(to console myself, ob).I reached campus a day before my registrations for the next semester.

Now BITS’s registration system is very funny. There are many sections with limited seats for a particular course and there are 6 courses in total for every student. Each student is given a priority number RANDOMLY generated on the computer against his ID no. which sets the order in which the students would come and select the section of their choice for each course. So, what happens is that the students with higher priority fill up the sections with good teachers in them and the ones with lower priority are left with the rest of them. So, u see, this is very unfair. But the thing is, if they want to make it unfair , intentionally, which I think they do, why can’t they just allot us the sections RANDOMLY??? In this way, our time and some energy would be saved. So BITS people are both unfair and cruel (Li8). Anyways, so the whole of that day went away in registration procedures. The next day was a holiday cause our seniors had to do their registrations that day. The regular classes were to start from the Thursday.

One very unusual thing that I felt about some of my BITSian friends around me was that they were very stingy. There were a lot of incidences in the past also but this time they were very hard felt. What happened was that I suffered from jaundice last semester for 2 months and could not study properly. So, obviously, I scored low marks this time and my CGPA went down. They all knew it well, but still, they kept reminding me of it by asking me again and again about my performance, or by discussing it in front of me. I felt very bad and even after telling them not to, they continued to do it either directly or indirectly. I cursed them in my mind, and silently went away.

Another very disappointing incident happened with me this week. I was in a mood to go out and enjoy the beaches of Goa. Considering the time factor, I decided within my friends that we all would go to a nearby popular beach, Bogmalo Beach. The plan was set. We were to depart after taking lunch. But just see their attitude, one by one they kept on making vague excuses for not going out. ”Arrey I suddenly have a cricket match today yaar”  “Arrey, he is not going? Even I don’t feel like going now”    Huh….cant u just say that u have a problem with me? In other times, u forget about everything – I thought to myself. The whole idea of the trip was to enjoy and have a fun time together. Their backing out at the last moment made me annoyed. But what could have I done. I can’t change their mindset. Maybe they are treating me like this because of the fact that I had scored less than them this time. And they are very happy about this. Maybe now they want to show me down.

Anyways, I can’t help it. Maybe I am wrong about them. Why in the world they would be against me. Maybe they just wanted to rest that day. Maybe all these bad thoughts are coming to me just because I have just come back from home. As such, I have no one else in this campus whom I can spend some time with. They are the only people who fill the gap between me being away from my family. As the sun went down behind the hills on Saturday evening, I stood on the hostel’s balcony enjoying the cool breeze and the soothing beauty of Nature in this state called Goa. I forgot everything that had occurred and stopped thinking about what’s coming next. The feeling was mesmerising. It was the perfect ending of my first week of the year in BITS.

So, that’s all guys. Hope u didn’t get bored reading this post. It’s much more fun when u experience living a life than reading about one, I know. Everyone’s life is filled with such sweet and sour moments and each one is unique in its own way. That’s all from my side. Will meet next week, till then, have a great week 😉


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