Me and my story till now…….

“Oh no”,these were the words that murmured out of my mouth after my IIT JEE ranks were out.I still remember the day when i saw my 4321 rank in the JEE of 2008.I could not control my tears on realizing that I wont be able to make it to a good degree in any of the 5 respectable IITs.At that time,all i was worried about was myself.My sole aim of getting into IITs was the fashion of being in one of em.The charm,the aura,people get amazed when they know u are in an IIT doing a B.Tech degree.Thats what i wanted.

I had never thought of giving any other entrance exam other than IIT-JEE in my 12th class,but my parents pursuaded me to do so.I gave both BITSAT and AIEEE.But their results didn’t matter to me at all.I went to the IIT counselling and got nothing but an M.Sc degree in Kgp.I didnt want to do any M.Sc at all.Then there was the AIEEE counselling where I got Chemical eng. in Trichy.Chemistry?Yuckkk… I hate it.I got 65 rank in my state entrance but was not interested to study there.Then there was BITS,where I presently am at doing Comp. Sci. in Goa Campus.Ill tell u how i ended up here.

I thought of repeating for IIT-JEE 2009 at the cost of 1 year,but then my inner voice spoke to me “Why dont u keep this 1 year as a reserve for ur MBA,ur ultimate dream?”.So,I opted for BITS and came to Goa leaving my heart behind at home and my mind in IIT Kgp.My BITSAT score was not enough to fetch me even a mechanical degree in Pilani campus.I was sad because at least Pilani is a bit well known college,but Goa,I don’t know whether even engineers would be knowing it.Instead, I was quite upset to have not got into IIT.I saw other boys being very happy to be here and i still think how can they be so?The very first thing that I noticed about the campus is that its more suitable for being a beach side hotel than a educational institution.My business minded mind spontaneously started thinking of measures to make it a profitable one πŸ˜‰ .

“Nyways”,I thought”I would try for IIT again next year while studying in BITS and get the hell out of here”.I did that and again,the next year,there was some improvement in my AIR(I had got 3696 rank this time).But still,it was not a respectable one.So after getting depressed over the situation,I came back to BITS with a heavy heart in my second year.I started hating BITS more than ever this time.And still do so πŸ˜› .It has given me a lot of irritation,lack of recognition and low dignity.Even if someone consoles me,i calm down only for that moment.So,you see, i cant help it.Now after completing 1 year in BITS,I have become used to all these things and don’t care about it.Just have to spend the rest 2.5 years anyhow and get rid of it.It wont come back again at-least.There are lot of other things ahead.All the weeks that have been spent in BITS have been very mood swinging ones.So i decided,just as a hobby(and for some typing practice),to give a brief account of how my previous week in BITS was spent.I would probably update my blog every Saturday(as Sunday is a holiday here,OB) and if i don’t do it any week,assume that I am on leave.



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