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Jan 3rd week, The placement week of seniors

January 23, 2010

As the name suggests, this week many seniors who were in exile for one whole semester in their Practice School 2, finally came back to campus for their final showdown, PLACEMENTS.

This is the word which is in everyones mind while in BITS or probably, any college in India. U see, Indian colleges are more of traditional ones, rather than being practical. What determines the preference of colleges in the list of students are the Placements (Take the preference order of IITs for instance). Anyways, don’t bother about it and cant change it either. So the placements season started of well with some really good companies coming and taking the cream students of our farewell batch.

So, this week huh…….. started of normally (Its always normal when u don’t have any test around).But, Tuesday was really a very very exhausting day.I had 4hrs of practicals consecutively in the afternoon that day. And yes, add to it another 3 hours of robotics workshop in the evening. And to make it worse, i had slept for only 5 hours the previous night. Man, even i don’t know how was I able to keep up to my senses that day. The next day was Saraswati Puja, the goddess of knowledge. _/\_. The students in BITS are quite religious ones. All the festivals, be it of any religion, are celebrated here with great pomp and show. Well, not that pompy though. But they do conduct the necessary rituals properly. And then we have a cultural show in the evening in the second largest auditorium in India (the audi in BITS Goa). But the lack of a temple is deeply felt, atleast by me. And add to it the lack of a swimming pool.

Coming back to some gup shups, this week, I had a sneak peek into the history of Punching Machines. Man, it was different. I came across a punching machine which was about 30 years old. One of my friends had the antique with him nicely sitting in a corner of a drawer without being noticed. I had actually come to ask him for one as I needed one and he gave it to me. It was all rusty and old. I was afraid to use it cause I didn’t want my friend to lose his punch machine. But he assured me that it wont break. Though it got stuck after punching the paper and wont spring back to normal, I was able to take the punched paper out after applying some power. Still, it left some of its rust smeared on the paper.

After the fun part, comes the serious part. Now some  people in this world still exist who don’t give any importance to some selected activities or hobbies which THEY consider to be insignificant. They rather criticize it and try to change the mindset of those who try to do it out. A similar incident occurred with me also. Now, I am into animation and the multimedia world. I try to learn the various softwares and techniques of it. But one of my friends doesn’t seem to like it and tells me that its nothing but waste of time. I get angry and a heated argument starts over it. His point is that it is worthless thing and there is no scope of innovation in it and it doesnt do any good to anyone. Bloody hell, what about the cartoons that u used to see in ur child hood days? What about the flashy advertisements that u enjoy? What about the special effects u enjoy in movies and the TV Series? What about, say “Avatar”? Didn’t u enjoy it? So think before u start pointing towards any job in the world. Even if the smallest and the unnoticed ones have their own value to this world. Never ever try to underestimate any of them. Or if they stop, the whole process of symbiosis will be disrupted.

So on that note, I take ur leave. Will listen to some classic songs now. Have a great week.


Jan 2nd Week, the tiring one

January 16, 2010

Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn……………………Feeling very tired this Saturday. Was very tired on Friday night and had to get up early. Anyways, how are u???

So the second week huh… Was pretty normal. Had class as usual, had food regularly, relaxed, slept and got up the other day. And the cycle continued. So nothing unusual or dramatic. There were certain deviations though.

I had a bad stomach this week and suffered a lot for it. Had to miss a very important class because of the pain. Restricted myself from spicy food for a day or two. But again, back to those ‘chatpata’ and ‘masaaledar’ tasties the very next day. How can u keep me away from tasty food??? For those of you who don’t know, I am a really big foodie. I can’t resist myself from having them.Can’t do anything about it.

I and three of my friends had a robotics workshop named Robo CV this week which was on making motor controlled bots (both wired and wireless) that would process any image and move according to them. Sounds pretty interesting na??? It is interesting but do u know how exhausting it gets when one sits continuously for 5 hours listening to the theory part of it. The same happened in the workshop. We had to sit continuously for about 5 hours for 4 days listening to the boring lecturer. We had no other option as the days of workshops were limited and had to be wind up fast so that we can start working on our bots. The last day was a bit interesting though as we got to run our bot on digital signal outputs (i.e. by giving specific instructions from a computer) for the first time. “My First Bot”, it was a cherishing moment and the feeling was overwhelming. It was such that we have got a pet. That day was Friday when we came back late from the exhausting workshop. And on Saturday, I had a very important class to attend in the morning at 8 o’ clock. K

So, now you know why am I really tired today. Now let me go to sleep. See you next week. Byeeee…….

Jan 1st Week, My first week in BITS

January 10, 2010

So here it is, my first week in both my new semester and my newly created blog 😉

This week actually saw a drastic change in the environment and mood of mine. Last weekend only, I was enjoying in Hyderabad with my uncle, aunt and my sisters. And then, suddenly on Monday I realized “Hi Abhijit, U are an engineering student ,remember, in BITS Pilani Goa.” And then another voice said to me “yo yo chow, ur holiday stuff is gonna end this Monday, Man”. This thought was completely concealed by the fun I was having with family. Seriously, I almost forgot that I was a student. So with a heavy heart, I packed my bags and left for the campus, bidding goodbye to my beloved ones and thinking about the next vacations(to console myself, ob).I reached campus a day before my registrations for the next semester.

Now BITS’s registration system is very funny. There are many sections with limited seats for a particular course and there are 6 courses in total for every student. Each student is given a priority number RANDOMLY generated on the computer against his ID no. which sets the order in which the students would come and select the section of their choice for each course. So, what happens is that the students with higher priority fill up the sections with good teachers in them and the ones with lower priority are left with the rest of them. So, u see, this is very unfair. But the thing is, if they want to make it unfair , intentionally, which I think they do, why can’t they just allot us the sections RANDOMLY??? In this way, our time and some energy would be saved. So BITS people are both unfair and cruel (Li8). Anyways, so the whole of that day went away in registration procedures. The next day was a holiday cause our seniors had to do their registrations that day. The regular classes were to start from the Thursday.

One very unusual thing that I felt about some of my BITSian friends around me was that they were very stingy. There were a lot of incidences in the past also but this time they were very hard felt. What happened was that I suffered from jaundice last semester for 2 months and could not study properly. So, obviously, I scored low marks this time and my CGPA went down. They all knew it well, but still, they kept reminding me of it by asking me again and again about my performance, or by discussing it in front of me. I felt very bad and even after telling them not to, they continued to do it either directly or indirectly. I cursed them in my mind, and silently went away.

Another very disappointing incident happened with me this week. I was in a mood to go out and enjoy the beaches of Goa. Considering the time factor, I decided within my friends that we all would go to a nearby popular beach, Bogmalo Beach. The plan was set. We were to depart after taking lunch. But just see their attitude, one by one they kept on making vague excuses for not going out. ”Arrey I suddenly have a cricket match today yaar”  “Arrey, he is not going? Even I don’t feel like going now”    Huh….cant u just say that u have a problem with me? In other times, u forget about everything – I thought to myself. The whole idea of the trip was to enjoy and have a fun time together. Their backing out at the last moment made me annoyed. But what could have I done. I can’t change their mindset. Maybe they are treating me like this because of the fact that I had scored less than them this time. And they are very happy about this. Maybe now they want to show me down.

Anyways, I can’t help it. Maybe I am wrong about them. Why in the world they would be against me. Maybe they just wanted to rest that day. Maybe all these bad thoughts are coming to me just because I have just come back from home. As such, I have no one else in this campus whom I can spend some time with. They are the only people who fill the gap between me being away from my family. As the sun went down behind the hills on Saturday evening, I stood on the hostel’s balcony enjoying the cool breeze and the soothing beauty of Nature in this state called Goa. I forgot everything that had occurred and stopped thinking about what’s coming next. The feeling was mesmerising. It was the perfect ending of my first week of the year in BITS.

So, that’s all guys. Hope u didn’t get bored reading this post. It’s much more fun when u experience living a life than reading about one, I know. Everyone’s life is filled with such sweet and sour moments and each one is unique in its own way. That’s all from my side. Will meet next week, till then, have a great week 😉

Me and my story till now…….

January 5, 2010

“Oh no”,these were the words that murmured out of my mouth after my IIT JEE ranks were out.I still remember the day when i saw my 4321 rank in the JEE of 2008.I could not control my tears on realizing that I wont be able to make it to a good degree in any of the 5 respectable IITs.At that time,all i was worried about was myself.My sole aim of getting into IITs was the fashion of being in one of em.The charm,the aura,people get amazed when they know u are in an IIT doing a B.Tech degree.Thats what i wanted.

I had never thought of giving any other entrance exam other than IIT-JEE in my 12th class,but my parents pursuaded me to do so.I gave both BITSAT and AIEEE.But their results didn’t matter to me at all.I went to the IIT counselling and got nothing but an M.Sc degree in Kgp.I didnt want to do any M.Sc at all.Then there was the AIEEE counselling where I got Chemical eng. in Trichy.Chemistry?Yuckkk… I hate it.I got 65 rank in my state entrance but was not interested to study there.Then there was BITS,where I presently am at doing Comp. Sci. in Goa Campus.Ill tell u how i ended up here.

I thought of repeating for IIT-JEE 2009 at the cost of 1 year,but then my inner voice spoke to me “Why dont u keep this 1 year as a reserve for ur MBA,ur ultimate dream?”.So,I opted for BITS and came to Goa leaving my heart behind at home and my mind in IIT Kgp.My BITSAT score was not enough to fetch me even a mechanical degree in Pilani campus.I was sad because at least Pilani is a bit well known college,but Goa,I don’t know whether even engineers would be knowing it.Instead, I was quite upset to have not got into IIT.I saw other boys being very happy to be here and i still think how can they be so?The very first thing that I noticed about the campus is that its more suitable for being a beach side hotel than a educational institution.My business minded mind spontaneously started thinking of measures to make it a profitable one 😉 .

“Nyways”,I thought”I would try for IIT again next year while studying in BITS and get the hell out of here”.I did that and again,the next year,there was some improvement in my AIR(I had got 3696 rank this time).But still,it was not a respectable one.So after getting depressed over the situation,I came back to BITS with a heavy heart in my second year.I started hating BITS more than ever this time.And still do so 😛 .It has given me a lot of irritation,lack of recognition and low dignity.Even if someone consoles me,i calm down only for that moment.So,you see, i cant help it.Now after completing 1 year in BITS,I have become used to all these things and don’t care about it.Just have to spend the rest 2.5 years anyhow and get rid of it.It wont come back again at-least.There are lot of other things ahead.All the weeks that have been spent in BITS have been very mood swinging ones.So i decided,just as a hobby(and for some typing practice),to give a brief account of how my previous week in BITS was spent.I would probably update my blog every Saturday(as Sunday is a holiday here,OB) and if i don’t do it any week,assume that I am on leave.